Scala Developer (f/m)


Forward-Thinking Scala Developer with experience in backend application 


Ready to hack your career?

Here’s your opportunity. We are looking for fully-fledged software engineers who are obsessed with building resilient, reactive applications using Scala and Java. It needs to be your obsession, because you will be helping us build back end applications with tough requirements for responsiveness, resilience and reliability whilst handling zero-downtime deployments and highly elastic levels of incoming traffic.

A great challenge, and we have everything in place to support you within our agile ecosystem – an open environment consisting of forward-thinking, self-reliant teams. Are you also into open-source and as passionate as we are about pair programming, devops, micro-services, brown bag sessions and hackathons? Fantastic.

Let’s look at the requirements in detail.


Technologies & Challenges:

  • Design, build, test and maintain our advanced Akka and Scala backend applications
  • Data modelling and operations for distributed NoSQL databases, in particular Cassandra
  • Understand the impact of distributed, clustered applications and databases – Help take care of our continuous integration and continuous delivery pipelines using
  • Ansible, Jenkins and Docker
  • Build RESTful interfaces using hypermedia and application profiles
  • More than a passing familiarity with Linux


What you bring along:

  • Good understanding of Java and Scala with a preference for functional programming
  • Experience with Akka
  • Willingness to dive deep into the business domain and figure out the best ways to solve the challenges identified
  • The desire to improve your skills and the ability to pick up new technologies
  • An open and honest person with a sense of humour
  • Excellent communication skills and proficient in English


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